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Van Jones: a DBR in Sheep's Clothing
Classic DBR

I must be honest with you when I say that I haven't been following the hub-bub over Van Jones' voluntary resignation. Like many of the controversies in the Obama administration, Jones' embarassing public flogging could have been avoided if Obama had learned how to vet and screen carefully. Like many men that grew up without fathers, Obama tries to compensate for the areas in which he lacks by trying to appeal to as many people as possible. He is far too trusting and easily blind-sided. But I digress.

Jones' resignation comes on the heels of right-wing and moderates screeching about his past racist and Anti-American statements. Yes, I said racist and I agree that it is racist. Claiming that black boys wouldn't shoot up a school when black boys are raping, assaulting and basically terrorizing black GIRLS in school settings should have been a clear DBR warning sign. I know, Van Jones is "educated and successful" and would be the ideal black man on paper. But black women have to learn to look past "credentials" and examine a man's motivations and his opinions on ALL aspects of human relationships. Any man who would make a statement elevating black boys over white boys when it comes to performing violent acts in a school setting is either naive or trying to prop himself up indirectly. Van Jones, a black man, benefits from black boys being seen as less threatening than white boys. There is no benefit TO HIM in discussing the harsh brutalities that occur in all-black schools and residential areas because a)he probably has not lived in one for some time if at all and b)the MAIN perpetrators in those environments are males that look like HIM.

I also find it interesting that this man was willing to take a paycheck from the same government he claims orchestrated an attack to kill thousands of its citizens. If Van Jones believes that 9/11 was an "inside job" and that the government is covering things up, why would he EVER agree to be on the government's payroll? Where is his sense of right and wrong? The Obama administration did not "clear up" these alleged circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks, so how would working for Obama be any different? If a man of conviction felt that way about America, that man should NEVER accept a DOLLAR of America's money. These are all signs of a man with weak morals.

We also should not ignore the elephant in the room here:

Van "black power" Jones is married to a white woman. This should come as no surprise to any black woman that pays attention. I call it the "Black Man Up" matrix. Black men that are part of the "Black Man Up" posse tend to be extremely "race" conscious and work on behalf of "uplifting" black people publicly but IN REALITY they are all about uplifting black men ONLY. Here are the basic components:

1. Educated Black Man
2. A career in either public policy, African-American "studies", Entertainment, Law, etc
3. A deep emphasis on being black and MALE in America
4. Advocates for programs that benefit black men FIRST and then claims that this help will "trickle down" to black women
5. Regularly engages in bashing white men (the establishment), blames white men ONLY for lack of opportunity for black MEN
6. Regularly engages in bashing white men (the establishment), blames white men ONLY for black women outpacing black men in education, employment, etc.
7. Advocates FAILED economic and social policies that limit black women's freedom and femininity (public assistance, "job training", "free" childcare, "free" medical care, welfare to workfare, etc).
8. Married to a non-black woman

Henry Louis Gates, Cornel West, Julian Bond, etc. All these men have a lot in common and it is not just the non-black spouse. Having a non-black spouse does not automatically make you a DBR but in most cases they go hand in hand. Why? Because black men benefit from elevating women of other races but they benefit more from DENIGRATING non-black men (especially white). Van Jones' "black boys wouldn't do a Columbine" was a classic example of denigration of white males. This is not a "real talk" type of moment. It would have been "real talk" if Jones then said that while black boys have not shot up a school "Columbine style" YET, they are certainly not immune from wrecking havoc on communities - just in different ways. Had he said this he would have REALLY been "keeping it real" as opposed to satisfying his own pleasures of white man bashing. I wonder how the father of his wife felt about his comments.

Anyway, I wanted to post about Jones because I have been hearing black women on the net coming to his defense - doing their usual knee-jerk "they just out to get a brotha" nonsense.

Van Jones is not YOUR brother in any way, shape or form unless you are actually his sister. He does not need you to protect and defend him. He is a MAN and should either protect or defend himself or have other men come to his rescue. Mrs. Jones can also come to her husband's defense PUBLICLY is she so chooses.

By the way, what the hell does a "Green Czar" do anyway? SMH.

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This guy's statement about Columbine reminds me of this idiot on YouTube who is obsessed with who Black women date, yet hates Black women, dates White women, and believes BW should kiss BM's *sses to prove our one-way loyalty. LOL.
Anyway, this idiot stated in one of his "Black women who date White men hate Black men" videos that only White men molested children. No one else on the planet. Meanwhile, little Black girls are being gang raped left and right all over the fricking country by BM! I left a comment stating as much, but he never responded and probably deleted it.

Also, BW need to stop making excuses for people like Van Jones, just because they happen to be Black and male. They just make themselves and other BW look ridiculous, because everyone knows that such men will NEVER return the favor and defend Black womanhood. Even these guys non-Black wives won't defend them to the media. Gee, I wonder why?

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